HEATHER STRATTON, Commercial Actress, NYC
“I can’t tell you how much you have taught me (in and out of the classroom) and how much I respect you as a teacher, a human being, and a friend. It certainly takes time for me to truly open up and show my true colors; but through your patience, understanding, generosity of spirit, and overall appealing “self,” you’ve opened parts of me I never knew existed. Thank you for all you have done for me, and for taking the time and effort to be such an important influence in my life.” 

TAYLOR KINDRICK, Film Actress and Singer, NYC
“I have learned more in this year than I have ever learned from any individual in my lifetime. And you are the finest actress I have ever known or seen. Thank you for teaching me. I am privileged.” 

KIRIA-ANNE, Professional Model, NYC
“Pamela Sparrow Childs is a great acting coach, superior by far. Once you study with her you are guaranteed to be the best that you can be with a technique that cannot miss.” 

KENNY L. PRICE, NYC, has gotten two commericals and an Off-Broadway show in his eight month period with Amaranth Acting Studio. 
“Ms. Childs has an incredible ability to spot where actors’ problems are, then consistently work on those areas using her experience and technique. She has been nothing but a positive influence on my career.” 

STEPHANIE VOLLMER, Accomplished Dancer, NYC
“Pamela Sparrow Childs worked a miracle for me. She corrected my very nasal speaking voice which usually can only be treated surgically. She is extremely dedicated to the success of her students.” 

LARRY MADDEN, South Carolina
“I found Pamela Sparrow Childs and her acting studio in October of 2006. Not knowing anything about acting, I scheduled an appointment after a telephone conversation with her about acting classes. She made me feel extremely comfortable. I found her style of teaching to be unequaled, her patience unparalled. I believe her voice coaching, on-camera training, her knowledge of acting and teaching, and the depth of her experience cannot be found anywhere else. A student could never have a better investment in time and money in acting training than they could with Ms. Childs.” 

“I am very thankful and grateful to you for all of your expertise in helping me understand the importance of connecting with each and every word that is spoken to any audience. Your coaching definitely opened my eyes to an entirely different perspective in my presentational abilities, and made me realize that every single word truly is important because it tells its own story. You have honed your craft for coaching students such as myself. The skills you taught me will be utilized in every aspect of my life moving forward. Thank you for sharing your talent!” 

DECARLO BARR, North Carolina
Pamela Sparrow Childs is the best coach. Excellence and perfection are what she looks for in her students and that’s what helped me. The lessons she teaches not only help with the work but also in life, to help you be a better person and to conduct yourself as a professional. I’m grateful and thankful for the lessons she’s taught me, and that’s why I love and care for her like a second mother. Expect nothing but the best from her because that’s what she expects from her students. 

JAY SAULS, Raleigh, NC
“Working with Pamela Sparrow Childs has truly been enlightening. She has helped me, not only realize my talent, but has coupled that with a dynamic technique. She has such positive and encouraging energy, which continues to push the parameters of my talent and my self-confidence as an actor. I am grateful for her personal investment in my acting career.”