Based on the teachings of Stanislavski and Sanford Meisner, I have created a SIMPLIFIED METHOD ACTING TECHNIQUE. This is because so many people have come to me over the years with varying acting backgounds, but the single common denominator with everyone is that they want to have the feeling that when they audition, and subsequently perform, they are confident they know what to do with the material. All to often I have found working actors who are still groping around in the dark for a clear road to follow. 

Acting is Believing The Fiction
Talent Blossoms In Truth

Strong speech and abdominal breathing training are at the foundation of my approach. In an overview, I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THE WORD AND ITS ABILITY TO TRIGGER THE ACTOR’S IMAGINATION, allowing the artist to slip TRUTHFULLY into the character and circumstance. The goal is to have the actor be able to move from LITERAL REALITY into FICTIONAL REALITY effortlessly. In order to achieve this end, the student is led carefully through a step-by-step system which unfolds the talent in a nurturing, disciplined fashion. My feeling is that a clear and simple procedure frees one’s ability, overcomes nervousness, which is a significant hurdle, and allows the craft of acting to BLOSSOM creatively. With care and discipline, each actor develops a sound understanding of the acting creative process; and, in turn, a personal technique which provides the centered confidence so necessary for successful audition and performing experiences.